Is Self Defence still a Thing in BJJ? Should it be one or not?

Is Self Defence still a Thing in BJJ? Once again, the points of view may differ widely!

With the ongoing “sportization” of Jiu Jitsu, more and more Schools emphasize mainly on BJJ as a sport, aiming competitions.

Do not get me wrong, each Academy is free to focus on whatever seems the most important to them.

The remaining question is: what significance does Self Defence have to them?

In this article, I will share my personal point of view with you, which will also give you an insight view how I consider the topic “Self Defence”.

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Drilling vs Rolling; which one is the best way to evolve?

Drilling vs Rolling; which one is the best way to evolve?

You can roughly split up the BJJ community into 2 “categories”:

Those who believe in drilling to evolve and

Those who believe in rolling to evolve.

When it comes to learning a Martial Art like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where Leverage and Momentum are the core elements, your technique has to be flawless.

How to get a flawless technique? Drill until it becomes perfect or roll “till you die”?

Let us go through this Topic to see if there is a good and a less-good way!

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Combat Sports or Martial Arts; is there really a difference?

What is the difference between Combat Sports and Martial Arts?

While some Practices claim being “Combat Sports”, others consider themselves as “Martial Arts”.

At first glance, the answer may be quite easy: “Competitive styles are combat sport, non-competitive styles are Martial Arts”

-That is what most would probably say-

Let’s go step by step

Defining Arts
Considering Training Methods and Approaches
What about Competitions
The ultimate Goal

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The importance of training BJJ in a Gi

The term Gi, from Japanese « Keikogi » (literally: practice clothes) is the correct word for what is commonly called a Kimono (Kimono literally meaning « Thing to wear », which denominates traditional daily clothes in Japan).

The fabric is specially woven to withstand hard Training sessions. Let’s have a look on this Topic!

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Self-Awareness through Martial Arts

I have been interested in Martial Arts since my earliest years.

For sure, there were these damn cool “Kung Fu Movies” in the ‘80s who influenced me… I was astonished by their fighting moves…

The older I grew, the more I felt that there must be a deeper part in that stuff.

So a Teenager I started getting interested in eastern philosophies and I almost instantly discovered the connections between the physical and the philosophical part.

At the age of 17 I was lucky to meet the person, whom I consider being my first real Martial Arts Master. He had an approach that appealed me and since became my philosophy:

Self-Awareness through Martial Arts!

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